SALA Exhibition - Material Connections

Floating Goose Studios Inc.

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"To touch the surface is to stir the depths"- Deane Juhan.

Curated by Steph Cibich and featuring new work by emerging Adelaide artists Sam Gold and Harriet McKay, this collaborative exhibition explores haptic connections, material responses and liminal spaces.

Cibich, recipient of the 2019 Emerging Curator Program and finalist for this year’s Contemporary Curator Award (SALA), says “Material Connections affords a unique opportunity for these artists to work together. The exhibition hopes to connect audiences through palpable, visceral investigations of human experience.”

Gold has been selected as a finalist for the City Rural Emerging Artist Prize. Previous works explore the relationship between the maker and materials. Also interested in the experience of materials, McKay’s practice explores haptic communication and speaks to significant moments in Art History. As an emerging artist and curator, McKay’s explorations of constructed space invoke audience engagement by inviting viewers to experience the textural qualities of materials.

This exhibition is presented as part of the Art History and Curatorship Alumni Network's Emerging Curator Program, in partnership with Floating Goose Studios and supported by the City of Adelaide's grant program.

Floating Goose Studios
9 August - 1 September
Opening event 6pm, 9 August
Artist Talk 2pm, 17 August

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