Robin Fox

Adelaide Festival Centre

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Melbourne based audio-visual artist Robin Fox was a heavy metal drummer and lover of abrasive noise until a eureka moment, involving an oscilloscope, changed his life. He discovered mechanical synaesthesia: the direct correlation between sound and geometry. Now his unique laser shows have been seen and raved about in 60 cities.

The hyper-amplification and the frenetic rhythmic patterns are still there, but all generated by mind boggling visuals and coordinated in 3D space. Robin Fox will present Single Origin, the third work of his influential series for laser and sound. Witness what can only be described as ‘a concerto for a laser beam’.

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8216 4444

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  • Bar
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  • Non Smoking
  • Public Toilet

Adelaide Festival Centre

King William Road
Adelaide SA 5000


06 Mar 2020, 10:30 PM 11:15 PM



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