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Music in the library

Join us on the last Friday of every month to experience Adelaide's diverse musical talent at City Library.

Friday 27 September | 5:15 pm to 6:00 pm | Tara Coates
Tara Coates (formerly Carragher) combines her love of alt-country and her folk roots as a dynamic and seasoned performer, having toured and recorded in both Australia and the USA. Tara has taught guitar for the last ten years and runs her own instrumental music school TARA Guitar.

The City of Adelaide proudly celebrates Adelaide as a UNESCO City of Music


Previous events:

Friday 28 June | 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm | Frank Loves Joan

Frank Loves Joan is the wandering little mind tendrils of singer/songwriter, Amelie Bottrill. Fragile and honest with dreamy overtones, the music is alive with the splendour and agony of all that gives a little insignificant life its meaning. Combining piano, guitar, violin and vocals, Frank Loves Joan resembles Lisa Hannigan/Regina Spektor/ Emiliana Torrini.

Friday 12 July | 6:45 pm to 7:30 pm | Naomi Keyte

Naomi Keyte is making an interesting blend of folk and alt-pop music that is distinct both sonically and lyrically. Think Kate Bush, Sufjan Stevens, and Joni Mitchell. There is an intimacy in Keyte’s voice that is both gentle and powerful, using space and restraint in a way that lends impact to the moments when she chooses to give it all. In 2016 Naomi won the National Live Music Award for ‘Best Live Voice SA’ and in 2017 was nominated for three South Australian Music awards; ‘Best Release’, ‘Best Folk’, and ‘Best Female Artist’. "Rich with a sense of the melancholic and mysterious" - The Music.

Friday 19 July | 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm | BodySONG - Choir at the Library - sing in 3 part harmony

If you can talk... you can sing (Zimbabwean proverb) Lisa and Ange have been choir leaders for a long time and we want to share the FUN.

Questions and comments from folks and our answers :

Q. is it karaoke? A. Noooo! - you get to sing with real people and guitarist Rob. There is guidance from Lisa and Ange and we all do it together.

Q. but I can’t sing! A. Yeah.... you CAN. We all can, we may not be soloists but do it anyway! Enjoyment is the key and Ange and Lisa will get you there :-)

Q. seems a bit too scary - I REALLY don’t sing! A. Please just give it a red hot go - at least once? You will be made very welcome and we are fairly reasonable non-scary people

Q. I’m on my own ‘cause my friends are too shy! A. it isn’t JUST about the singing. There is magic and camaraderie when a group starts singing so you will make NEW friends

Friday 26 July | 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm | Zachary Luka

A guitarist of 12 years with a background in technical playing, Zachary Luka's journey lead him to trade his place on stage in various rock bands for the city streets. It was here that an affinity for the freedom of busking allowed him to breathe a new psychedelic life into blues, roots and modern-folk genres by taking age-old techniques such as finger picking and slide guitar and invigorating them with elements from the high flying world of rock and roll music. The result is an entirely unique and contagious sound, taking both street & venue audiences on an entrancing ride from beginning to end.

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