Cycling & walking trails of Adelaide

There's nothing like a good walk to get to know a place intimately. And fortunately, Adelaide has an abundance of walking and/ or cycling trails at varying difficulty levels that would suit anyone. Choose from short, medium, to long walks to take in and learn more about our cityscape, or opt to 'forest bathe' and ramble in the Adelaide Park Lands - exploring its winding paths and trails. 

Hop on a bike or lace up your sneakers, take your pick for a very different kind of city adventure.

Park Lands Trail

The Adelaide Park Lands Trail is a 19.5km loop around the city and can be explored on foot or by bike.

Easy trails

Walking trail in Lefevre Park / Nantu Wama

This city park is unique in that it has grazing horses, a bridle path and a rural landscap...

Walking trail in Wellington Square / Kudnartu

The North Adelaide square is a beautiful place for a walk along the paths or to take a qui...

Walking trail Bundey’s Paddock / Tidlangga

Bundey’s Paddock offers bushland trails, two barbeque and picnic table areas, a sand pit a...

Walking trail Gladys Elphick Park / Narnungga

Gladys Elphick Park, opposite the hospital, offers several walking tracks and reflection a...

Walking trail Pelzer Park / Pityarilla

Pelzer Park / Pityarilla offers fantastic walking trails and paths leading to accessible p...

Intermediate trails

Riverbank trail loop

This trail which follows the most beautiful portion of the Linear Park Trail. 

Botanic Gardens and Frome Road trail

A walk with a focus on some of Adelaide's most beautiful trees and green treasures.

Historic carriageway and South Park Lands trail

A walk with a focus on the historic elm carriageway and south parks including the Adelaide...

North Adelaide scenic dog walking trail

Loop around historic North Adelaide to pass grazing horses, heritage homes and rolling gol...