Historical maps of Adelaide

This is a collection of historical maps, charts and plans of Adelaide and South Australia, drawn from the City of Adelaide Archives and the State Library of South Australia collection.  

The selection below contains survey charts from explorers Matthew Flinders and Nicolas Baudin from the late 1700s and early 1800s; early plans and maps prepared by the state's first Surveyor-General William Light; and some more contemporary maps of the Adelaide CBD and North Adelaide in the 1900s.

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Hundred of Adelaide, 1873

Photo taken 03 August 2015

Hundred of Adelaide, 1909

Photo taken 18 September 2015

Hundred of Adelaide, 1959

Photo taken 18 September 2015

Map: Adelaide property owners, 1837

Map: Adelaide, South Australia by G.S. Kingston, 1842

Map: Australia, 1808

Map: Australia, 1836

Map: Chart of Cape Jervis, 1831

Map: City of Adelaide bird's-eye view, 1876

Map: City of Adelaide by George S. Kingston and Edward Stephens (colour)

Map: City of Adelaide by George S. Kingston and Edward Stephens (with hand drawn land contour lines)

Map: Coastline between Rapid Bay and the Port Estuary, 1837 (Reproduction)

Map: Country between Adelaide and the sea coast, 1882

Map: Country south of Adelaide, 1840

Map: District of Adelaide, 1839

Map: Elevated view of Adelaide from southeast, July 1892

Map: Greater Adelaide - Cotton Collection Plan 26

Map: Hundred of Adelaide, 1873

Map: Hundred of Adelaide, 1909

Map: Hundred of Adelaide, 1959

Map: Kangaroo Island, South Australia, 1819

Map: Light's Adelaide plan showing pubs, 1837-1900

Map: Matthew Flinders' route around Australia, 1798-1803

Map: Part of coast of South Australia and Victoria, 1802

Map: Part of South Australia, ca. 1851

Map: Plan of New Port Adelaide, 1840-41

Map: Plan of Port and Town of Adelaide from a drawing by Colonel William Light

Map: Plan of the City of Adelaide and North Adelaide, 1840

Map: Plan of the City of Adelaide by Colonel William Light, 1837

Map: Plan of the City of Adelaide, 1837