The City of Adelaide Civic Collection

photo-icon City of Adelaide ship's bell - Reference CC000806

The Civic Collection is a unique collection of historic artefacts belonging to the City of Adelaide. 

The complete collection features over 2800 pieces of historic memorabilia, artefacts, and other items accumulated by successive Councils since 1853.

Below is a broad sample of some of the items in the collection. Scroll through and click on an item to view. 

"Moral Plays" book

"Palermo from the Gardens of the Convent of Santa ...

"Pesto" by Colonel William Light

"Public Bakehouse" from views of Pompeii

16 inch engineers or dumpy level tripod stand

19th century French candlesticks

19th century glass goblet with Queen Adelaide's cy...

19th century inkstand

19th century sterling silver filigree oval fruit b...

19th century sterling silver travelling flatware b...

23 Grand Parade, St Leonards East Sussex, UK

23 Grand Parade, St Leonards East Sussex, United K...

24 carat gold curb chain bracelet

A brief journal of the proceedings of William Ligh...

Adelaide Botanical Garden

Adelaide Botanical Garden & Hospital

Adelaide Fire Brigade

Adelaide Liedertafel

Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Town Hall

Adelaide Town Hall before additions c1867

Alfred Myers

Allen Pepper revolver

Arthur Wellington Ware

Back cap badge of the Gloucestershire Regiment

Bank of Adelaide Building King William Street

Baptist Chapel at 65 Flinders Street, town acre 27...

Boating on the lake at Bentley Priory

Box or pocket sextant

Brass and steel proportional compass