Heritage & culture

What makes Adelaide what it is today? Learn more about Adelaide’s rich heritage while you’re exploring our fine city.

Heritage Places of Adelaide

The Heritage Places of Adelaide database is online resource for sharing listing informatio...

The old buildings of Adelaide

Use our interactive map to discover the history behind some of the old buildings of Adelai...

Lost pubs of Adelaide

Take a step back in time and discover the lost pubs of Adelaide. Learn stories of times go...

Historical maps of Adelaide

Be amazed by this collection of historical maps of Adelaide sourced from the City of Adela...

Kaurna walking trail

Take a walk through Adelaide's rich Kaurna heritage with this walking trail.

Lost cinemas of Rundle & Hindley Streets

Using an interactive map take a stroll and explore the lost cinemas and theatres of Rundle...

Heritage & folklore

Use the interactive map below and explore the heritage facades along Rundle Mall.

Pride Walk

The Pride Walk celebrates the achievements and recognises the struggles faced by the Lesbi...

The old pubs of North Adelaide

Step back in time and discover the old pubs of North Adelaide. Many still exist today.

The City of Adelaide Civic Collection

The Civic Collection is a unique collection of historic artefacts belonging to the City of...

City of Adelaide Initiatives

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