Art in Adelaide

As you explore the city and North Adelaide, you'll find a rich collection of commemorative monuments, sculptures and installations which sit in perfect harmony among a growing collection of contemporary artworks. 

For your convenience we've created an interactive map, so no matter where you are you can learn about these unique works which help add to the vibrancy and add to the identity of the city.

Please note: this database is continually growing, and works may be moved from time to time, so check back regularly to discover the latest additions. 

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14 Pieces

Hossein Valamanesh and Angela Valamanesh

A Day Out

Marguerite Derricourt

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander War Memorial

Lee-Ann Tjunypa Buckskin, Michelle Nikou, Tony Rosella and Robert Hannaford AM


John Dowie AM

Black Spring

Andy Goldsworthy


Christine Cholewa and Deb Jones, CHEB Art and Design

Bronze Sculpture No. 714

Robert Klippel


Karl Meyer with Exhibition Studios


Sergio Redegalli

Catherine Helen Spence

Ieva Pocius

Chimpanzee Finger

Lisa Roet

City of Music mural

David Court

Co-ordinate #1 You are here

Steven Giles

Colonel Light Memorial

HL Jackman

Cultural Marker

Jacob Logos, Taylor Power-Smith and Students of Challa Gardens Primary School and Gilles Street Primary School Students


Greg Healey, Gregg Mitchell and Geoff Cobham

Daubist Mural no. 1

Driller Jet Armstrong

Deceased Workers Memorial Forest

City of Adelaide

Doris May Graham Memorial

Annabelle Collett


George Popperwell

Elements and Being

Akio Makigawa

End Divided Paths

Linda Patterson

Eucalyptus alive

Marijana Tadic


Bronwyn Oliver


Greg Healey and Gregg Mitchell - Groundplay

Flock Shelter

James Martin and Steve Hooper


Laura Wills and Will Cheesman with Exhibition Studios


Karl Meyer with Exhibition Studios

Fractal Mandala

Greg Johns


Lee Walter


Greg Johns

Geode (integrated granite seating and drainage grates)

Amy Joy Watson

Ginkgo Gates

Hossein Valamanesh and Angela Valamanesh

Glass Sculpture

Moto Glass, Ian Mobray and Vicky Torr

Golden Rhombohedron (Acute)

Jason Sims

Her Majesty Queen Victoria R.I.

C.B Birch A.R.A

Hindmarsh Square Playspace

Ryan Sims, Andrew Stock and Gerry Wedd with Taylor Cullity Lethlean

His Majesty King George V Memorial

M Lambert

History Notes for Old and New Time

Bronia Iwanczaki-Ivanbrook


Chendra Andary

Kardi Munta (Emu Net) & Kardi (Emu)

Paul Herzich

Lady Ester Lipman Jacobs OBE

Ken Martin


Phillip Hind

Lie of the Land

Aleks Danko and Jude Walton

Light's Vision

Birnie Rhind

Love Knot

Mulloway Studios

Mary Mackillop

Judith Rolevink

Memorial to an Ash Tree

Mary-Ann Santin

Moonta Street Murals

Vans the Omega

Onion Rings

Greg Healey and Gregg Mitchell - Groundplay


John Dowie AM

Park Here

Deb Jones and Christine Cholewa

Paving Art Rundle Street

Michelle Nikou


John Dowie AM

Piltawodli Memorial

Silvio Apponyi

Pioneer Women's Memorial Sculpture

Ola Cohn

Rhythms of Construction 1 - 3 "Construction/Thought/Optimism

Victor Meetens


Stephen Roy with Tom Golin

River Markers

John Wood

Roy Rene

Robert Hannaford AM

Rundle Lantern


Sensing With Light

John Tonkin

She imagined buttons

Jasmine Crisp

Simpson and His Donkey

Robert Hannaford AM

Sir Ross Smith Memorial

Fredrick Brook Hitch A.R.B.S.

Song of the Wind

Zhang Baito

South African War Memorial

Adrian Jones

South Australian Memorial to the Forgotten Australians Memorial

Craige Andrae

South Australian National War Memorial

Rayner Hoff

Space Between, Memorial to Forced Adoptions

Christine Cholewa and Deb Jones, CHEB Art and Design

Spider Swing

Gerry McMahon

Sword in the Stone

Andrew Stock

Talking our way home

Shaun Kirby - Thylacine Art Projects

Terrazzo Tree

Christine Cholewa and Deb Jones, CHEB Art and Design

The Apron

Karen Genoff

The Bee

Shaw Hendry

The Boys watch the Girls watch the Boys

Greg Healey and Gregg Mitchell - Groundplay

The Couple

Berend Vand Der Struik

The Cover Drive

Robert Hannaford AM

The Eternal Question

Richard Tipping

The Farnese Hercules

Artist Unknown

The Forest of Dreams

Anton Hart

The Knot

Bert Flugelman

The Life of Stars

Lindy Lee

The Light Horse Memorial Obelisk

George Gavin Lawson

The Portal of Possibility

David Booth (Ghostpatrol) and Carla McRae

The Riverbank is a Kaurna Market

Paul Herzich

The Slide

John Dowie AM

The Spheres

Bert Flugelman

The Three Rivers

John Dowie AM

The War Horse Memorial Trough

Alfred Wells and WH Martin


Bert Flugelman

Underneath the arches

Gerry Wedd


Owen Broughton

Untitled - Bent Street Mural

Tony Rosella, Ash Rundle with Lee-Ann Tjunypal Buckskin and Murie Van Ber Byl

Vaiben Louis Soloman

Ken Martin

Vietnam War Memorial

James Martin


Shaun Kirby - Thylacine Art Projects

Wayfinding Poles

Deb Jones and Christine Cholewa

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