Young Queen Inn, Gawler Place, Adelaide, 1865

Photo taken 01 January 1865

B 5099/3 Duryea, Townsend, 1823-1888, photographer A detail from Duryea's Panorama of Adelaide, photographed from the Town Hall tower. Gawler Place, between Grenfell and Pirie Streets, west side. Established in 1849, known as the Commercial from 1913 to 1951, and became the Astor in 1951. Ended trading in 1982. The Astor Hotel in 1954: 'YOUNG QUEEN'S ARMS HOTEL, CHARLES JAMES, Late of Talbot Inn. This well-known old-established Hotel is replete with every comfort, and is most convenient for Country Visitors. Good Beds and Meals at moderate charges. All Liquors best brands. The Stable and Yards are very commodious, and offer splendid accommodation for Teamsters and others. N.B.— C. J. will not be responsible for any goods left in his yards unless cart-notes are signed by authorized parties.' Advertisement in the Register, Tuesday 16 May 1876, page 7 Visit the State Library of South Australia to view more photos of South Australia.