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York Hotel, corner of Pulteney Street and Rundle Street, c1895

Photo taken 31 December 1894

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 72463/87

Located on the south-east corner of Rundle and Pulteney Streets. The York opened in March 1850 and demolished in 1909. The Grand Central Hotel was built on the site in 1910. Now it is a car park.

"Pioneers in the early days—upon arrival from England—usually made the old "York Hotel" their temporary headquarters and found the excellent tea, fresh milk, and butter delicious after the tea diluted with preserved milk, stale bread, and dried meat served aboard ship. Here mealtime was a source of amusement, as the cockatoo, owned by the proprietor, would invariably sing in a cracked voice, "There is nae luck aboot the hoose", breaking off in the middle to burst forth again with renewed vigour. Later the cockatoo was killed when a boarder arriving home late, accidentally trod on the bird.

Originally the York hotel was a high-class boarding house kept by the Misses Bathgate, where it was usual for touring theatrical artists to stay while in Adelaide. The prestige of the actor, in those days, was high and the guest home acquired an aura of distinction from their presence. Now the building is filled with the merchandise of Foy & Gibson, but its great space and lofty ceilings harbour memories of the days when it was Adelaide's most popular hotel."
The Pioneer, Friday 12 May 1939, p7

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