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West Terrace Hotel, Waymouth Street, 1888

Photo taken 31 December 1887

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 9768

The West Terrace Hotel on the north-east corner of Waymouth Street and Prince Court. Established in 1856, it ceased trading in 1921. The building still stands although the outside walls have been rendered.

The usual monthly night drill of the above company took place on Friday evening. The company fell in at half-past 7, in front of Capt. Mayo's, 45 strong. Blank cartridge was served out, and "fours right" being given, the company marched down to the West Park Lands with band preceding, where they went through the manoeuvre of firing by wings, advancing and retiring, after which they marched up to Adelaide and halted before the West Terrace Hotel, where Capt. Mayo kindly "stood treat," after which, to the strains of a lively tune, they proceeded down through Hindley-street, " astonishing the natives," up King William-street, and so on to Morphett-street, where they were dismissed with three hearty cheers for their worthy commander. We need not remark that the usual attendance of crowds of boisterous boys was far from being pleasant, always in the way, and accompanying every command with every kind of earthly and unearthly noise. However, on the Lieutenant promising them more kicks than ha'pence, they moderated their behaviour, and with their permission the company was allowed to proceed with their drill. The example of the West Adelaide Rifles we hope will be followed by other companies.'
South Australian Advertiser , Monday 25 November 1861, page 2

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