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Wellington Hotel, Currie Street, 1917

Photo taken 01 January 1917

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 67

On the north-west corner of Currie Street and Leigh Street, Adelaide. Established 1848. This building dates from 1871 and demolished in 1917.

The licensee of the Wellington Hotel, Currie-street (Alexander Berkholz), was prosecuted in the Adelaide Police Court on Friday for having traded on a Sunday. As was announced in The Advertiser, this is the hotel which will not be used after Christmas as a licensed house. Berkholz was charged with having unlawfully supplied liquor on his premises on Sunday last, and he pleaded guilty.
Inspector Davey stated that, in company with Constable Cornish, he visited the Wellington Hotel at about 8 p.m. on Sunday, and found the door facing Leigh-street open. They went inside, and saw the defendant behind the bar. In the bar were a soldier and a man who said he lived at Rose Park. The soldier was in the act of raising a glass to his lips. The witness said to the defendant, "What is this soldier drinking?" and he replied that it was beer, and, in reply to a question, as to what the other man was drinking, he said, "whisky and lime." '"Don't you know it is wrong for you to sell drinks on a Sunday?"' asked the witness, and the defendant replied, "Yes; I have done wrong, and you have caught me. A fine of £5, with 15/ costs, was imposed."
The Advertiser, Saturday 2 October 1915, p6

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