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Thistle Hotel, Waymouth Street, Adelaide, 1929

Photo taken 27 May 1929

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 5175

The Hotel Thistle was on the south-west corner of Waymouth and Bentham Streets. Established as the Scotch Thistle Inn in 1839, it traded until 1970. The building has been demolished.

"Offered to Bet, Then Changed His Mind
"Do you realise who we are?" asked Detective Copp on Saturday, when Conrad Christian Thiele said to him, and Plain clothes Constable Packman, "I want: a bet on Lord Hatan," and extended a shilling. Thiele looked again and turned away remarking, "I don't think I'll have a bet today." For having offered to bet, in the Thistle Hotel. Adelaide, he was fined £2 with 15/ costs in the Adelaide Police Court today. The Assistant Police Prosecutor (Mr. Bond) said that the officers were talking to a bookmaker when Thiele approached with his offer. Thiele said that it was his first and last bet. He had not enough money to bet on the totalisator. Mr. E. M.Sabine, P.M. advised him to save up until he had enough if he desired to bet. He was allowed a month in which to pay."
The News, Monday 22 August 1932, p6

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