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Tavistock Hotel, Rundle Street, 1902

Photo taken 05 February 1902

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 63780

Established in 1857, the building in this photograph dates from 1884 and was designed by English & Soward and built by J. Jude. Was on the north-east corner of Rundle Street and Tavistock Street. Demolished by the Adelaide City Council in 1962 to make way for the Frome St extension. Frome Street now runs through the site.

Boots Had Them Under Coat
"What have you under your coat?" asked a constable of Trevelyan Harris, as he emerged from Tavistock Hotel, Rundle street, Adelaide, with a bulge under his coat. "A crayfish," replied Harris. There was a crayfish, as well as a bottle of beer. In Adelaide Police Court this morning Mr. E. M. Sabine, P.M., fined defendant £1 for having carried away liquor from the hotel during prohibited hours. Mr. C. J. Philcox, who defended, explained that his client was boots [barman] at the hotel, and had a bottle of beer for supper every night. To reach his quarters he had to traverse a lane, and therefore the offence was only of a technical nature."
The News, Thursday 13 January 1927, page 5

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