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Sportsman's Hotel, Grote Street, Adelaide, 1926

Photo taken 26 February 1926

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 3309

Established in 1839, on the west side of Byron Place, between Gouger Street and Grote Street, the licence for the Sportsman's was relocated to 185 Grote Street, on the corner of Byron Place, in 1919. William White was the licensee from 1925-1928. No longer operating as a hotel, the Grote Street building still survives. Unfortunately the Library does not have a better photograph of the hotel.

Request Proves Costly
It cost Roy Clarke £5 10/ for having attempted to obtain liquor at the Sportsman Hotel, Grote street, Adelaide, at 7.40 last night, and £2 10/ for having refused to give his name and address to Plainclothes Constables Grow and Semmens. Constable Grow told Mr. E. M. Sabine,P.M., in the Adelaide Police Court today that while he was at the hotel defendant came and and said to him, "Get me some wine." The constable said, "I beg your pardon." Mr. White (licensee of the hotel) then came along and defendant said to him, "Let me have some wine Whitey." Mr. White said, "You had better ask the policeman." The constable asked defendant for his name and address, which he refused to give, and he then arrested him."
The News, Tuesday 26 October 1926, p7

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