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Somerset Hotel, Pulteney Street, 1954

Photo taken 01 January 1954

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 13063

The Somerset Hotel, on the north-west corner of Pulteney and Flinders Streets, was established in 1851 and demolished in September 1991.

'Offered To Bet In Presence Of Police
While Detective Walters and Plain-clothes Constables Sharpe and Hanrahan were talking to the licensee of the Somerset Hotel, Flinders street, on Saturday afternoon, John Galligan, laborer, of Angas street, city, approached the hotelkeeper and said, "Give me 1' Chatham." He was arrested. When Galligan appeared before Mr. E. M. Sabine, P.M., in the Adelaide Police Court yesterday, on a charge of having offered to bet by way of wagering:, he pleaded guilty. Mr. Sabine imposed a fine of 10/, and remitted the costs.'
Advertiser, Tuesday 17 October 1933, page 5

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