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Royal Hotel, Hindley Street, c1889

Photo taken 31 December 1888

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 1565

Photographer: Ernest Gall

The Royal Hotel was at 65 Hindley Street. This photograph is of Hindley Street looking west, with the Royal in the bottom, left hand corner. Established in 1847 the Royal Hotel traded until 1921. The building has been demolished.

"A Tragic Death
Mrs. Elizabeth Carey, aged 54, who was employed as cook at the Royal Hotel, Hindley-street, Adelaide, met with her death under tragic circumstances on Tuesday. In the course of her duties that morning she walked from the kitchen into the adjoining pantry, the floor of which was boarded. Suddenly, without warning, the floor gave way, and Mrs. Carey was precipitated to the bottom of a dry unused well, 60ft. deep, the very existence of which was unknown. Her screams attracted attention, and John Quinn, barman, was lowered into the well, and fastened a rope around Mrs. Carey's body, by means of which she was hauled to the surface. At the Adelaide Hospital, to which she was conveyed, it was ascertained that both her legs were broken, and that she had sustained other injuries. After lingering for a time she died."
The Horsham Times, Friday 19 July 1912, p5

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