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Phoenix Hotel, Hindley Street, c1851

Photo taken 31 December 1850

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 4498

Established, on the south-east corner of Hindley Street and Clarendon Street, in 1850 as Mafeking's Hero Hotel. Changed name to the Phoenix (1850-1879), the Provincial (1879-1900) and the back to Mafeking's Hero Hotel in 1900 until it ceased trading in 1909. The site was later a foundry.

On the left of the images can been seen the Royal Oak and MIners' Arms (now the West Oak) and, further east The Clarendon, which operated from 1839 to 1920.

The proprietor of the Provincial Hotel, a small hostelry situated in the west-end of Hindley-street, applied to the Adelaide Licensiing Bench on Tuesday morning for permission to change the name to 'Mafeking's Hero Hotel.' Inspector Sullivan was asked by the Chairman, Hon. S. Tomkinson, M.L.C., whether he entered any opposition, and this brought forth the reply ''I would have done so had I the power." The Inspector in his subsequent remarks stated that he did not think it was right to name the place after such an illustrious officer, and he maintained that the name of Baden Powell should not by any means be associated with such an hotel as the Provincial. 'It would,' he averred, 'be a standing disgrace to. the colony if it were allowed,' and as an afterthought he added, 'not only the colony, but to the British army.'' The applicant protested, and asked whether the Inspector had the power to call his hotel a low one, where upon Mr.Sullivan stated, that there was no doubt about it. The place was situated in a low part of Hindley street, and was frequented by the scum of the city. Then the applicant mentioned that that was his reason for changing the name. He wanted to establish for the place quite a different reputation to that which it had hitherto borne, and in his opinion-to accomplish this it was imperative that the name should be changed. The Bench approved of the alteration.
The Register, Wednesday 13 June 1900, page 4

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