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Oakfield Hotel, Flinders Street, Adelaide, 1964

Photo taken 01 November 1963

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 15307

State Library of South Australia, photographer

On the south east corner of Flinders Street and Ackland Street. This photograph was taken from across Flinders Street looking down Ackland Street. Established in 1851 as the Norwich Arms Inn, at 203 Flinders Street, it became the Oakfield in 1879. Closed in 1963. Demolished as part of Frome Road project of the 1960s. Ackland Street itself was part of this project and no longer exists.

“We’ve been hearing a lot lately about - the convivial atmosphere of English pubs and the lack of it here. That's so but the Oakfield Hotel, Flinders street, was the exception yesterday. They opened a new saloon bar with an official ceremony at 3 o'clock, invitation cards for the regulars and guests, flowers, decorations, a sumptuous buffet spread in the lounge and drinks on the house. The invite was a natty affair, shaped in the form of swing doors which opened up on such inside details as, "Admission, a smiling face," and "Dress, optional but essential." A framed "Articles of Association" had the licensee's name as patroness, "Madame Louie Smith, ULVA and Bar." No English inn ever enjoyed a greater spirit of hospitality and conviviality.”
The News, Friday 4 September 1953, p3

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