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Norfolk Arms Hotel, Rundle Street, 1915

Photo taken 01 January 1915

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 55

Western corner of Rundle Street (now Mall) and James Place. Established in 1847 and traded until 1990. Major renovations occurred in 1976 and thereafter the hotel operated as a basement venue.

'Offered To Bet With Detective
Going up to Detective Harris as he was making notes in the Norfolk Arms Hotel, Rundle street on Saturday afternoon, Henry Robert George Holland, laborer, of Harrington street. Prospect, said: — 'I want 3/ on Wendy Lu and 2/ on Dasher Dean.' So said the Police Prosecutor (Mr. P. G. Crafter) when Holland was charged before Mr. E. M. Sabine, P.M. in the Adelaide Police Court yesterday with having offered to bet on Saturday except by means of the totalisator. Mr. Crafter said Detective Harris and McGrath and Plainclothes Constable Gully were standing in a passage of the Norfolk Arms Hotel, and Harris had his notebook in his hand. After Holland had mentioned his bets Harris told him they were police officers. Holland pleaded guilty. Mr. Sabine— You should be careful. He was a bookmaking detective and not a bookmaking bookmaker. In the special circumstances I will reduce the minimum fine of £2 to £1. and there will be 15/ costs.
The Advertiser, Tuesday 11 July 1933, page 11

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