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Langham Hotel, Gouger Street, 1939

Photo taken 17 August 1939

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 8750

36 Gouger Street, where the Central Market Arcade now is. The hotel was established in 1879 and originally known as the City Market Hotel but changed its name to the Langham Hotel in December 1880 and to the Hotel Langham in 1937. The building was remodelled in 1939 and demolished in 1968. The photograph shows the hotel just before it was renovated in the art deco style.

Two Men Fined
An alleged disturbance at the Langham Hotel, Gouger street City; on Saturday, was described in the Adelaide Police Court today. Thomas Alfred McIntosh, laborer, of McLaren street, City, was fined £1/10/ with 7/6 costs for having wilfully and maliciously damaged a glass door, the property of Frederick Buttery, to the amount of £2/10/. He pleaded guilty to the charge and was ordered to pay the £2/10/ damage. Pleading guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct on the same. occasion, Edward Cecil Coombs, labourer, of David street, City, was fined £2 with 7/6 costs.
The Police Prosecutor (Inspector Crafter) said that both men entered the bar of the hotel and started to molest customers. They were shouting, singing, and using indecent language. They were told to behave, but later there was a disturbance in the parlor. When taken out on the street they adopted a fighting attitude. McIntosh charged at the glass door and broke it by placing his fist through it. They had a violent struggle with Albert George Carey, the manager, while he was trying to eject them from the premises, Mr. Crafter said, Constable Galvin, when he arrived, saw that both men had blood on their hands. Coombs admitted five previous convictions, but the prosecutor said that McIntosh had none."
The News, Monday 15 August 1938, page 12

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