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John Bull Hotel, Currie Street, 1927

Photo taken 01 January 1927

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 9603

Photographer: FA Potts

The John Bull Hotel in 1927 with horse drawn carriages and motor cars parked outside. The John Bull Hotel opened on 27 January 1853 at 67 Currie Street between Topham Street and Bloor Court. For a time it was called the John Bull Inn and the Royal Mail Inn. It was the first coaching hostelry in Adelaide and before 1856 was the starting point of Rounsevell's coach. The John Bull stables and horse yards were behind the hotel. The hotel was rebuilt in 1909 and demolished fifty years later on 28 February 1958.

"Aperture Leading From Bar-room Open
Edward Baker, licensee of the John Bull Hotel, Currie street, was fined £5. reduced to £2. with £15/ costs, by Mr. L. E. Clarke, S.M. in the Adelaide Police Court yesterday, on a charge of having, after hours on October 17 had open an aperture through which liquor could be delivered from a bar room. "
Advertiser, Friday 9 November 1934, page 13