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Imperial Hotel, corner King William Street and Grenfell Street, c1871

Photo taken 31 December 1870

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 72463/56

Established in 1869 as Hann's Hotel, changed name to the Imperial in 1871. The building was demolished in 1960.

"A rather curious accident happened in King William Street on Thursday morning. A lad named Chittle was driving a horse and baker's cart belonging to Mr. Menz, and when near the corner of Flinders-street the animal became restive in consequence of the harness being disarranged. The driver was pulling the animal up when it began to kick, and he was thrown to the ground. The beast then bolted along the pavement, passed the Government Offices, and under the portico of the Town Hall, galloped along the flags, barely escaping a ladder on which a man was standing against Messrs. D. and W. Murray's shop, knocked some splinters off Mr. Duryea's verandah post, and immediately afterwards struck a post in front of the Imperial Hotel with such force that the trap was thrown completely across the pavement into the watertable. Mr. Borten's son had a narrow escape, as he was standing close to the post when the wheel struck it. The trap was considerably damaged, but the brute continued its career along King William-street, apparently none the worse for the fall. The noise had frightened a horse attached to a buggy in front of the Town Hall, and this animal dashed into Waymouth street, when it was pluckily stopped by Mr. Felix Goodfellow, who jumped up behind and caught the reins."
South Australian Advertiser, Friday 27 September 1872, p2

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