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Hotel Thistle, Waymouth Street, Adelaide, 1955

Photo taken 09 May 1955

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 13217

State Library photographer

The Hotel Thistle was on the south-west corner of Waymouth and Bentham Streets. Established as the Scotch Thistle Inn in 1839, it traded until 1970. The building has been demolished. Vin Leahy was the licensee from 1954 to 1967. The art deco styled upgrade shown here was added in 1937.

“Lounge Waitress Fined.
Joan Lavinia Harford, hotel lounge waitress of Angas street, Adelaide, for having, on the night of January 10, unlawfully carried away liquor from the Thistle Hotel, Waymouth street, city, was fined £5, reduced to £1 10/1 with 10/ costs”
The Advertiser, Saturday 26 January 1946, p8

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