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Hotel Kalgoorlie, Hindley Street, 1941

Photo taken 29 August 1941

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 10557

111 Hindley Street, south-west corner of Rosina Street. A hotel that has had many name changes. Established in 1845 as the Star Inn, it has subsequently been known as The Galatea, the Kalgoorlie (1907-1972), the Mediterranean, Hotel Performance, the City Hotel and Rio International. It is now a nightclub. The car parked in front is a 1934 Terraplane Coupe with registration SA 178-743.

Some excitement was caused opposite the Kalgoorlie Hotel, in Hindley-street, at about 9 o'clock on Friday evening. A crowd of people gathered, and it was ascertained that two men whom Constable Hubner attempted to arrest for drunkenness had given the officer of the law a busy few moments. The constable's cape was torn off, and he received a blow on the eye. It was fortunate for him that Constable Horseman happened to be in the vicinity, as he assisted in effecting the arrests. Both men will be given an opportunity of explaining their conduct at the Adelaide Police Court this morning.'
Advertiser, Saturday 19 July 1913, page 17

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