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Hamburg Hotel, Rundle Street, c1864

Photo taken 31 December 1863

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 7425

South-east corner of Rundle Street (now Mall) and Gawler Place. Established as the Suffolk Inn in 1840, it had a number of other names during its life as a licensed premises, including the Saracen's Head and the Hamburg Hotel 1847-1915. The name was changed to the Oriental in 1915 due to anti-German sentiment and continued to trade under that name until 1966.

A meeting of German electors was held on Monday evening at the Hamburg Hotel, Rundle- street. Dr. Bayer, who was called to the chair, stated that the candidates, generally, promised to protect the rights of Germans as electors ; but two members of Mr. Dutton's committee had given it forth that Mr. Fisher's legal opinion was, that they would not be entitled to the franchise unless they had received from England their certificates of naturalization. Mr. Fisher said he felt great, pleasure in contradicting the lie which had been circulated. He would support the rights of the Germans to the utmost of his power; he made no distinction between Germans and Englishmen— they were all South Australians. He, as an old colonist, considered the whole of them as his children ; and he would not curry favour with any particular set to obtain a seat in the Legislature. The Chairman recommended the meeting to endeavour to place the best man in Council. They must re- member that to secure the rights of Germans to vote as freely as British-born subjects was one of the objects of that meeting. Mr. Fisher, in answer to a question from Mr. Nitchske, said he would do his best if elected to bring the building societies under legislative control. A written document was put in requesting Mr. Fisher to defend himself publicly against the aspersions of Mr. Dutton's committee. The electors present were called upon by Dr. Bayer to register their chums, and most of them filled up the papers on the spot. The meeting then adjourned to Friday next, after passing a vote of thanks to the Chairman.”
South Australian Register, Wednesday 26 March 1851, p3

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