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Gilles Arms Hotel, Gilles Street, Adelaide, 1913

Photo taken 13 February 1913

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 773

The Gilles Arms Hotel, 67 Gilles Street, can be seen in the centre of the photograph. Established 1854 and ceased trading in 1975. The building survives. Fortunately the street's drainage has improved!

"Marguerita E. Webber, licencee of the Gilles Arms Hotel, Gilles street, Adelaide, was charged at the Adelaide Police Court, before Mr. E. M. Sabine, P.M., on Monday morning with having allowed an unregistered barmaid to serve liquor on her premises on February 5. Nurse Eva Lynch was charged with having served liquor, being unregistered. Both defendants pleaded guilty. The Police Prosecutor (Detective-Sgt. Allchurch) said that Constable Cain had seen another man served, and had been served himself, by Nurse Lynch. The licencee was ill at the time, and there was no one on the premises to serve liquor. The defendant said she had thought she was only doing the licencee a good turn. The licencee, in answer to the charge, said she had not known that the nurse was serving. The P.M., in finding the defendants respectively £2, with 10/ costs, and £1 10/, with 15/ costs, said he would not endorse, the first defendant's licence regarding the offence."
The Register, Tuesday 11 March 1924, p12

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