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Gilles Arms Hotel, Gilles Street, 1952

Photo taken 30 December 1952

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 12482

67 Gilles Street. Established 1854 and ceased trading in 1975. The building survives.

'Hotelkeeper on bribery charges
The hearing was continued before Mr. Clarke, PM, in Adelaide Police Court today of the case in which George Samuel De Young, licensee of the Gilles Arms Hotel, Gilles street, City was alleged to have bribed a licensing squad constable. The charge against De Young was that about 6.10 p.m. on August 3 he unlawfully gave, offered, or promised to give a bribe to PCC J. D. M. Smith to induce him to neglect his duty. Mr. C. J. Philcox appeared for De Young, who denied the charge. Today, Assistant Police Prosecutor Hender, prosecuting, and Mr Philcox addressed the court on the evidence, which was completed last week. Allegations by the prosecution were that De Young paid PCC Smith a bribe of £2 on August 3 and a further £2 on September 9. The defence claimed that the £4 paid to PCC Smith was a loan. (Proceeding)'
Advertiser, Tuesday 21 November 1950, page 2
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