Freemason's Tavern, Hindmarsh Hotel, Black Eagle Hotel, Adelaide, 1865

Photo taken 01 January 1865

B 5099/4 Duryea, Townsend, 1823-1888, photographer Detail from Duryea's Panorama of Adelaide, photographed from the Town Hall tower. Shows three hotels along Pirie Street. In the foreground is The Freemason's Tavern, the Hindmarsh Hotel is on the near corner of Hindmarsh Square, and the Black Eagle (later the Aurora) on the far side of Hindmarsh Square. The Adelaide Brewery can also be seen. The Aurora, Hindmarsh, and the Brewery have all been demolished. The Freemason's building remains, with some alterations to the facade. It ceased to operate as a pub in 1978. The Freemason's in 1862: and in 1895: The Aurora in 1912: and in 1938: Hindmarsh Hotel in 1938: and with it's art deco facade in 1940 Visit the State Library of South Australia to view more photos of South Australia.