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Foundry Hotel, Hindley Street, 1958

Photo taken 18 August 1958

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 14175

The former Foundry Hotel on the north-east corner of Hindley Street and Gray Street. Established in 1855 it was unofficially known as the Iron Workers Hotel. Ceased trading in 1921. The building survives with modifications to its facade.

Adelaide. Monday--Some burglars made a raid on the Foundry Hotel, Hindley-street, of which Mr. Jacobs is the licensee, early on Sunday morning. The thieves carried off six bottles of ale, 18 bottles of English.stout, 12 bottles of extract of malt, 9 of lager beer and 6 of brandy and whisky. An examination of the cellar showed that a, piece of board had been broken off large enough to allow of the insertion of a hand to withdraw a bolt.'
Geelong Advertiser, Tuesday 18 June 1912, page 4

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