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Former Rising Sun Inn, King William Street, Adelaide.

Photo taken 29 August 1941

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 10565

On King William Street, 50 metres south of Wright Street. The terrace was formerly the location of the Rising Sun Inn which was gazetted in 1848-58. During the ten years it was located here the proprietors were W Hill, W Ray and Samuel H Heaslip.

Yesterday morning on inquest was held at the Rising Sun Inn, King William-street; before George Stevenson Esq., the coroner, on the body of William Prentice,aged 24, described as a carter.
From the evidence of Golden Prentice, the father of the deceased, it appeared that his son had lately returned from the diggings, and about six weeks since he had a fit, on which occasion Dr Frankis attended him. On the previous, day he was in apparent good health at breakfast time, and ate a moderate breakfast. He was sitting near deceased, who afterwards rose up to walk across the room when he fell down in a fit. Dr Frankis was immediately called in, medical skill, however, was to no avail, the deceased never returned to consciousness, and died shortly afterwards.
Dr Frankis said he was called in to attend the deceased, whom he found nearly in a state of collapse, and presenting the appearance of a person struck by apoplexy, arising from congestion of the brain. Had no doubt the deceased died from apoplexy.
The Jury returned a verdict of "Died by the visitation of God."
Adelaide times, 20 January 1855, p3

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