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Exchange Hotel, Hindley Street, 1930

Photo taken 27 June 1930

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 5802

North-east corner of Hindley Street and Gresham Street. Known as the Australian Arms Inn when established in 1839. Also known as the Auction Mart Tavern (1842-1850), Royal Exchange (1850-1851), Coppin's (1851-1854) and then interchangeably the Royal Exchange and the Exchange until its demolition in February 1960.

A large crowd gathered near the Exchange Hotel in Hindley street shortly before 6 p.m. on Friday, when an inspector of police and uniformed constable were seen to be attempting to take into custody a detective against whom it is said two charges have been laid. Other police soon arrived, and they had to use force I to push the crowd aside The detective, who was calling out, in trying to release the hold of the arresting officers fell to the ground and kicked violently. When the inspector tightened his grip on the man's wrist a section of the crowd became hostile towards the police. Soon afterwards the patrol van arrived, and took the man to the Watchhouse. He will probably appear at the Adelaide Police Court this morning.'
The Advertiser, Saturday 20 August 1927, page 13

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