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East End Market Hotel, East Terrace, Adelaide, c1929

Photo taken 01 January 1929

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 5035

At 11 East Terrace, the East End Market Hotel was established in 1868. It retained that name until 1991 when it became the Circuit Sports Bar. Subsequently became O'Briens Irish Pub and operated as such until late 2017. The building remains and is a restaurant. Jean Joseph Mathot was the licensee from 1928 to 1933.

Case Dismissed.
William Birdseye, licensee of the EastEnd Market Hotel, was summoned at the Adelaide Police Court on Wednesday for having allowed a female, other than, his wife or daughter, not a registered barmaid, to serve in a bar on July 13. Inspector Burchell prosecuted, and Sir. G. C. Ligertwood appeared for the defendant, who denied the offence.
T. H. Davey, inspector of licensed houses, stated that at about 9 o'clock on July 13 he visited defendant's hotel in the company of Constable Hannon. Witness and his companion went into a parlour and a young woman asked what drinks they wanted. Witness ordered two glasses of beer, and paid the girl. The latter denied being a registered barmaid, and gave her name as Gertie Halliday. Defendant said the girl had been paid off that mornng, and was not then in his employ. Witness asked her whether she knew it was illegal for her to serve drinks. She answered— "Yes. Don't take me to the Court. I was only helping Elsie." Defendant followed witness and Constable Hannan out of the hotel, and said, "It was' hard luck getting into trouble over a thing like that." W. P. Birdseye said he did not know the girl was in the house. He had a registered barmaid in his employ. Arthur Hysler, barman, said he gave the drinks to the girl.
The case was dismissed.'
Evening journal, Wednesday 19 July 1911, page 4

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