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Crown Inn, Currie Street, 1918

Photo taken 31 July 1918

State Library Catalogue Reference: B 84

The Crown Inn appears on the left of the photograph, and shows its rather splendid roofline. On the western corner of Currie Street and Rosina Street. Established in 1846 as the Golden Fleece Inn. It was the Crown Inn from 1871 to 1937, Coronation (1937-1979), Hotel California (1979-1984), Armstrong's Tavern (1984-1987), and finally the College Arms in conjunction with Adelaide TAFE College. The building has been demolished.

"Swore in Hotel
After having separated two men who were fighting outside the Crown Inn Hotel, Currie street, Adelaide during the afternoon of Wednesday, June 6, Constables Craig and Hodge attempted to secure the name and address of one of the men. He had entered the hotel.
While doing so, Frank Parker, of Highbury street, Prospect, who was serving drinks behind a counter said, "What right have you to take his name? I am in charge." In No. 1 Adelaide Police Court this morning it was alleged that Parker swore while addressing the constable. For having used indecent language on that occasion Mr E.M. Sabine, P.M., fined him £2."
The News, Tuesday 26 June, 1928, page 10

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