Club House Hotel, Hindley Street, c1851

Photo taken 01 January 1851

B 72463/113 On the southern side of Hindley Street, opposite Victoria Street. Known as the Victoria from September 1838 to 1841. Was used privately as the South Australian Club until 1845 when it became the South Australian Club Hotel, then the Club House Hotel until it closed in 1852. "TAKE NOTE. ADELAIDE COAL-HOLE, CIDER CELLARS, AND GARRICK'S HEAD. THE CLUB-HOUSE HOTEL, HINDLEY STREET. Every Night from 8 till 12 in the London Style. New Songs and Novelty, Roars of Laughter, and Genuine Encores. JUDGE AND JURY every Wednesday. Steaks, Chops, Welsh Rare Bits, and Kidneys smoking hot. This is the most sociable place in Adelaide. A Shilling Ordinary every day at 1 o'clock. N.B. — The above large and commodious Saloon will be open every afternoon from 2 till 6, for the accommodation of Merchants, Sheepfarmers, Cattle-dealers, and Captains of Vessels, for the transaction of business. TO GENTLEMEN OF A LITERARY TURN. The Proprietor of the Club House Hotel, Hindley-street, herewith offers a bonus of £5 for the best original plan of a trial, suitable to the requirements of a JUDGE AND JURY CLUB. The MSS. will be required to be sent in on or before MONDAY, the 9th June proximo, addressed to Mr. Allen, Club House Hotel. The plans sent in will be submitted to competent judges, who will decide upon their respective merits : and the rejected ones will he left under cover at the bar of the hotel, and can be had on application. Gentlemen desirous of joining the Club are invited to communicate with Mr. Allen, Secretary pro tem." The Register, Thursday 5 June 1851, p2 Visit the State Library of South Australia to view more photos of South Australia.