Wattle Grove WWI War Memorial (Dardanelles Campaign, also called Gallipoli Campaign)

ANZAC Centenary Memorial Walk, Kintore Avenue ADELAIDE

The Wattle Grove WWI War Memorial is a very early World War I memorial, having been dedicated on 7 September 1915, less than six months after the Gallipoli landing, It is one of the earliest war memorials in Adelaide and South Australia (most monuments were not erected until after the War). It was dedicated to 'Australasians' and therefore included New Zealanders, where most other war memorials were dedicated to Australians or local men who served and/or died. The support within the Adelaide community for its erection within the Wattle Grove (its original location) testifies to the intense support contemporary South Australians had for those fighting at Gallipoli and the impact of the war on the community. The monument's heritage value is enhanced by its association with Wattle Day which had been inaugurated to demonstrate Australian patriotism.