Dwelling ('Elder Mews') (former Adelaide Workmen's Homes)

228 Frome Street ADELAIDE

The Elder Mews cottages are significant for being built by Adelaide Workmen's Homes, one of many South Australian organisations that benefited from the philanthropy of Sir Thomas Elder, who bequeathed 25000 pounds to establish the institution. Its aim was 'to benefit workmen by providing them with suitable dwellings at a reasonable rental'. Construction commenced in 1899, two years after Elder's death, and of the 48 homes built, 13 attached dwellings in three groups remain. The comfortable cottages contrasted markedly with other rental cottages being built for working class residents. The organisation also built homes at Rose St, Mile End (registered place 11792), Hilton and Richmond. Condensed from S Marsden et al 'Heritage of the City of Adelaide' (1990) p204.