Dwelling (former home of G E Fulton)

178 Stanley Street NORTH ADELAIDE

This is a classic boom-era house, built in 1882 towards the end of the late nineteenth century economic boom. It was designed by Cumming and Davies in the Victorian Italianate style and is significant for being erected for George E Fulton. Fulton arrived in South Australia in 1878, and established Fulton's Foundry in 1879. A contract for cast-iron pipes enabled him to establish the first pipe factory in Adelaide. The company was advertised in 1882 as 'Consulting Engineers, Builders, Contractors and Machinery Importers for engines and machinery of all descriptions'. It soon became one of the largest industrial concerns in South Australia, supplying cast-iron work of all descriptions, pipes, mine furnaces and pumping engines. By 1901 Fulton's factory at Kilkenny covered five acres and employed the then large number of 350 men. The dwelling's facade is significant as one of the most intact and elaborate on an asymmetrical villa in Adelaide, with excellent detailing similar to, but even more flamboyant than, the Master's Lodge at St Marks College. The elaborate and intricate detailing of the bow window, and its gable barges are its chief glories. (Condensed from S Marsden et al 'Heritage of the City of Adelaide' (1990), p381)