Treasury on King William and Adina Apartment Hotel Adelaide Treasury (Former Treasury Building, including former Cabinet Room and Courtyard)

142-160 King William Street ADELAIDE

The former Treasury Building was built in stages from 1839 to 1907, and from 1839 until the late 1960s stood at the centre of the State's administrative and governmental affairs. The building as it currently appears is principally post 1858, but one internal wall dates from 1839. Over time it housed the Colonial Secretary's Office, Treasury, Survey, Crown Lands, Public Works and Attorney-General's offices. It was the end point for the gold escorts from the Victorian goldfields in the 1850s and housed the Cabinet Room from 1876 until 1968. The building has a strong association with exploration and surveying, the sale and management of land, the development of the State's agricultural and pastoral industries, and executive government. (HB 1/08)