Mitchell Building, The University of Adelaide

North Terrace ADELAIDE

The Mitchell Building, occupied in 1881 and officially opened in 1882, is of considerable historical significance as the first building of the University of Adelaide, which was South Australia's first university. It provided all teaching and administrative facilities, as well as housing for the University library, professors' offices, Council meetings and Commencement ceremonies, until completion of the Elder Conservatorium in 1900 and the Prince of Wales Building in 1902. It was named the Mitchell Building in 1961.The first phase of the building remains today as the best work of one of Adelaide's most outstanding colonial architects - William McMinn, who in a short career contributed significantly to Adelaide's built form and to design standards at a crucial period in the city's development. [Adapted from David Gilbert, Woodhead Australia - Architects 'The Mitchell Building, University of Adelaide Conservation Study' (1987)]