Dwelling within City Land Investment Company subdivision

76-78 Hill Street NORTH ADELAIDE

This dwelling is one of 22 in an area redeveloped in 1884 by the City Land Investment Company. The subdivision demonstrates with great style the manner in which parts of North Adelaide were developed and is one of the few subdivisions to remain relatively intact and easily identifiable. The redevelopment occurred in the last years of South Australia's greatest boom period and was one of the largest and last speculative initiatives encouraged by the financial successes of the period. There are two plan forms in this subdivision - detached villas and semidetached villas. The detached villas are representative of the type of building which gives North Adelaide much of its distinctive character with asymmetrically placed bays and balconies. The semidetached villas are more eclectically detailed with unusual balcony and veranda forms. Their 'boom' style detailing is distinctive, with few peers in Adelaide. [Condensed from S Marsden et al 'Heritage of the City of Adelaide' (1990), p286]