Office (former Menz Biscuit Factory)

82-96 Wakefield Street ADELAIDE

The Menz Biscuit Factory was built 1878 and reflects the growth of manufacturing in South Australia from the 1850s to the 20th century. It was associated with the Menz family and their successful business on this site until 1953. The factory is significant as an inner city factory building of which there are few surviving of this size, scale, age and attractiveness. Constructed of bluestone, it is a significant element in Wakefield Street, complementing the Wakefield Hotel in an area surrounded by large scale buildings. The place is also important for its association with Magdalena Menz, who was an example of nineteenth century women in business who took up the reins of management on the deaths of their husbands. (See also Ann Margaret Bickford of AM Bickford and Sons, once situated at 42-48 Currie Street.) (PJS 26/11/97)