Elder House Offices

27 Currie Street ADELAIDE

Built in 1937-1940, Elder House is of high historical significance for its long association with one of South Australia's most successful business houses, and the prominent families that established and expanded the Company over three generations. It has a strong cultural presence in the South Australian community through its large number of employees and their familial attachment, its association with Elders widespread business activities, and the long pattern of philanthropy of the management. In the South Australian context Elder House is a rare and good example of the 'commercial palazzo' style of architecture as applied to business/trading house buildings, and of the traditionalist design philosophy and skills of its architect, Walter Hervey Bagot, a prominent and professionally active South Australian Architect. Its representation of both values is now largely confined to the front portion of the 1937-40 building. The building's historical values are of primary importance, enhanced by their expression in the architectural forms and decorative treatments of the building, which remain evident despite the large number of changes that have occurred over time. These values are principally evident in the external and internal fabric of the front section of Elder House, (beneath the hipped roof), where they are substantially intact, and in the ground floor and Boardroom / Executive Suite areas at first and third floor levels. (Condensed from Bruce Harry & Associates 'Elder House Conservation Plan' 1999)