Heritage Places of Adelaide

Dwelling ('Sunnyside')

229 Stanley Street NORTH ADELAIDE

State Heritage Place

'Sunnyside' is significant for being designed by noted South Australian architect F Kenneth Milne (1885-1980) for his own occupation. It is perhaps the best example of domestic Neo-Georgian style in South Australia, reflecting Milne's special interest in the style. Plans for its construction were approved in 1936 and extensions in harmony with the original were made in 1941. Other notable works by Milne include the Hampshire Hotel, Grote Street, Adelaide (registered place 11578), the Adelaide Oval Scoreboard (registered place 13655) and Goldsborough House, North Terrace, Adelaide (registered place 13239). [S Marsden et al 'Heritage of the City of Adelaide (1990) p382]

Listing Information

  • Date of Listing: 11 September 1986

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