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Heritage Places of Adelaide

Chimney Stack and Disinfector Building of former City Destructor Complex

73-79 Halifax Street ADELAIDE

State Heritage Place

The City Destructor Complex was established in 1910, and exemplifies a maxim of its time, 'waste not, want not'. The Chimney and the disinfector building are the only surviving elements of the former complex, which once comprised a refuse destructor, a tin baling press, clinker mill, mortar mill and flagmaking plant. Improvements in technology during the latter part of the nineteenth century meant that the refuse destructor became a popular method of waste disposal in England, Australia and New Zealand. It was perceived as being both efficient and profitable. The profit arose from the use of the by-products of the disposal process, such as clinker, and from the conversion of the heat generated by the furnace to steam. The Adelaide complex used the steam to disinfect laundry and to generate electricity. This was the main form of waste disposal in Adelaide until 1952, when the land fill system was chosen.

Listing Information

  • Date of Listing: 30 March 1998
  • Heritage Listing Criteria:

    Criteria E: it demonstrates a high degree of creative, aesthetic or technical accomplishment or is an outstanding representative of particular construction techniques or design characteristics;

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