Green Adelaide

photo-icon Morgan Sette

Living green flows through and around the city of Adelaide. Thoughtfully designed from the start, the city is one of the world's city in a park with natural green spaces in the heart of the city and pocket oases in various precincts. Beyond our heritage, is our commitment to ensuring the city always has the wellbeing of its community at heart lives on today. From being home to South Australia's oldest produce market ensuring we are able to eat farm to table food, to living walls painting our urban landscape green. And on a global scale, combatting climate change through our goal to be one of the world's first carbon neutral city. 

Use this guide to explore how you can make your visit to Adelaide a green one, perhaps by visiting the Adelaide Park Lands, enjoying a biodiversity trail, or tasting some of the best South Australian produce at the Adelaide Central Market.

Nature trails

Take some time out to immerse yourself in the city's abundance of nature trails.

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Biodiversity in Adelaide

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Responding to climate change

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Podcast interview with Damon Gameau

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A day in the park

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Community gardens

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