Eat & drink

Adelaide has a smorgasbord of places to eat and drink.  A bite to eat, a celebratory meal or bar-hopping with your buddies. No matter what your diet or budget allows, you’ll find something to keep you satisfied in our city.

Bars in Adelaide

Adelaide’s booming bar scene has it all. From gin joints to creative cocktails; hidden or rooftop, we’ve covered them all in our list of bars in Adelaide. We’ve even included classic Aussie pubs and sports bars. Cheers!

Dining in Adelaide

Adelaide is renowned for its culinary scene. Discover more about the people and places that have shaped it.

Find a place to eat

The fertile soil of the Adelaide Plains on which Adelaide sits has always meant an abundance of fresh produce for the Adelaide café and restaurant scene. Not only is the food award winning, our chefs and restaurants are being acclaimed around the world.

Food trucks in Adelaide

A list of food trucks and mobile food vendors that are currently licensed to operate in the City of Adelaide.

Recipe collection from the city

We've compiled recipes from your favourite Adelaide city cafes, restaurants and shops so you can create a feast at home.

Rooftop bars in Adelaide

Rooftop bars put a new meaning to a night on the town. There are some fabulous, funky rooftop bars in Adelaide. Our guide will give you the low-down on getting sky high in the city.

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