Ramen & Izakaya Himeji

Ramen & Izakaya Himeji is located on Grote Street, Adelaide, and close to Victoria Square and the Hilton Hotel. We offer Japanese Izakaya style food and traditional Japanese cuisine with real Japanese authentic atmosphere and slow jazz music.

Ramen & Izakaya Himeji is particular about ingredients, and offers highest grade Sushi & Sashimi, Australian premium Wagyu (Platinum Label Full-Blood Wagyu which is very rare in Adelaide), and in-house made Ramen noodles.

We have a large range of over 50 different kinds of Sake, Shochu and Umeshu that are even rare in Japan. Yamazaki, Hibiki, Hakushu and Kakubin from World's No.1 award winning Suntory Whisky are available too.

For Sushi & Sashimi, we offer Kingfish from South Australia, local fish from Adelaide, Sea Urchin and Salmon from Tasmania, King Prawn from Western Australia, Swordfish from Queensland as well as premium seafoods such as Alfonsino, Snapper, Scampi and etc. from New Zealand which has similar climate condition to Japan.

Black Fin Tuna Belly, Scallop from Hokkaido, and other seafoods from Japan are also on our menu.


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Ramen & Izakaya Himeji

22-24 Grote Street Adelaide S.A 5000 Australia

08 8410 0102


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