Kutchi Deli Parwana

Kutchi Deli Parwana is the second chapter to the Parwana story. At the heart of Kutchi, meaning nomad or gypsy in Farsi, is a story of migration and new beginnings. Run by the children and partners of Parwana owners, Kutchi reflects a traditional sense of Afghanistan while embracing a chapter of change that brings with it new opportunities.

Lunch time diners will be treated to the rustic flavours of Afghan style street food in the heart of Adelaide’s East End. All the while, Kutchi seeks to preserve the spirit of hospitality, gregariousness and generosity that underpins a meal in Afghanistan.

Open Monday - Saturday 11:30am - 3pm


  • Restaurant
Kutchi Deli Parwana

7 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide, SA, 5000

7225 8586


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