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Walking trail Botanic Gardens and Frome Road


Intermediate walk


Steep sections


Scenic walk

What to expect along the trail

This trail leads you to see some of Adelaide's most beautiful trees and green treasures. The Adelaide Botanic Gardens are a must-see destination for visitors and locals. The tree-lined Frome Road has a beautiful canopy of leaves that are ideal for wandering beneath in all seasons.

Difficulty levelMedium
Length1.7 km loop on sealed and unsealed path
Walking surfacesBitumen, grass, dirt and pavement
Mobility suitabilitySuits some prams
Suitable for running
DogsNot suitable for dogs (pets not allowed in the gardens)
Path widthUndefined dirt paths. 1 metre wide at narrowest paved point.
Possible hazardsLeaves and sticks on paths
Uneven surfaces
On-road traffic on Frome Road
AmenitiesShaded seating
Drinking fountains
ParkingTimed paid parking along Rundle Road

Trail sights

Adelaide Botanic Garden

Ayers House Museum

Botanic Gardens Restaurant